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Copper pipes for Solar panels
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The conversion from solar radiation into thermal energy is possible through a header.
It's important that tubes in which is happening the thermal exchange must have a high conductivity as copper tubes can ensure.
Inside the header, there are serpentine tubes or grid tubes in which flows the heat transfer flux. The serpentines or the grids are unified to a copper plate by brazing.

The headers can also be vacuum with direct flux or heat pipe. Both typologies employed copper pipes.

The conductivity is not the only advantage in the employment of copper pipes in headers. Other positive characteristics are the high mechanical and temperature resistance, the easiness in bending and joining it, the possibility to use a simple brazing to unify perfectly a plate with a pipe.

The copper pipe is particularly suitable ( because of low pressure drop and high temperature resistance) to transfer the heat transfer flux towards the storage tank serpentines and vice versa.


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