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Copper tube is surely the most used material all around the world for the traditional systems and radiating panels, thanks to its reliability and high resistance to thermal exchange.

When copper pipes are employed it isn't necessary to worry about the temperature as the copper melts at 1083°C, therefore the copper tube doesn't deform or corrode during usage. This allows the systems to have a longer lifespan. Furthermore the copper has also a low thermal expansion (1,7 mm/m/100°C).

The radiating panels need a material with high thermal conductivity that allows to obtain the maximal efficiency in the thermal diffusion. Sometimes plastic substances are used in this kind of systems but the results aren't satisfying. It is more convenient to use copper pipes as the thermal conductivity is higher than by plastic substances.

The serpentines, pipelines employed in this kind of machines, offer the advantage to have a limited length with larger ways which don't fill up the all floor surface, improving their charging potential and reducing energy consumption in pump circulation.

Copper tubes have different characteristics that allow to obtain optimal results: gases-tight, resistance to high temperatures, limited thermal expansion, compatibility with plaster and mortar usually used in the building construction.


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