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- BcF Europe is a highly specialized company in the manufacturing of pipes, tubes assemblies, kits of parts and tube components mainly used for transferring gas and refrigerants intended for air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and heat exchangers industries.

Air Conditioning Heat Exchangers Refrigeration

- BcF Europe produces shaped pipes using as principal raw materials copper, aluminium, stainless steel tubes and finned copper tubes.

- 2006 BcF Europe was built in Nesvady, in the district of Nitra, in an area of 16'000 sqm (3'000 sqm production area).


Bended piping
Produced with CNC bending machines, the piping can have also specific processing on the tube ends and can be delivered with caps,... Read more...
Assembly groups
The assembly groups are brazed in apposite tooling and equipment to comply with the dimensional and functional parameters of the... Read more...
Heat exchanger capillary tube - tube
To obtain the maximal efficiency the heat exchangers are produced with the capillary tube inside the other tube and the parts are... Read more...
Shaped spirals
We are able to produce spirals of different form and dimensions, cylindrical or square, in copper or stainless steel, according... Read more...
Manifolds assembly
According to customers request manifolds assembly are produced in series or in small quantities. It is also possible to execute... Read more...
Plane coils
Smaller or bigger coils are manufactured on a machine with rotating table, to ensure the best planarity and avoid brazed junction... Read more...
Distributor groups
According to customers request BCF can solder straight or shaped capillary tubes on distributors: after soldering, the groups are... Read more...
Exchangers for cooling-off
These products are highly technical and therefore manufactured according to the customers’ specifications. They are subject to... Read more...
Branch joints and headers for refrigerant pipings
The company BCF cooperates with the biggest producers and distributors and delivers tested and reliable branch joints according... Read more...

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